Key West Trip Giveaway

KOn Thursday, January 24th the Spencer Radio Group hosted a V.I.P. Party for 39 qualifiers who were all hoping to win a 5 day vacation in beautiful Key West, Florida!

First off, not only were the listeners excited about this promotion, but it was just as exciting for all of us at SRG!  You see, the momentum has been building for over 7 weeks.  It’s almost exactly like how a couple gets the exciting news they’re expecting … and over 9 months they plan, prepare and anxiously await for the newborn’s arrival.  We feel the same way about a big promotion. J We kick it off, get listeners excited about winning, prepare for the big giveaway, and then it happens and there’s a lucky, happy winner in the end!

Seth Small and his wife Kim, were the proud winners of the trip!  It was special and unique, because when it was Seth’s turn to come up front and pick a random key to unlock the Treasure Chest, he brought is daughter, Addison with him.  He let her pick the key.  Then Dad tried the key in the lock and IT WORKED!!!  Seth was in shock and really didn’t know what to do or say.  But not Addison, she knew exactly what happened and was so excited she ran back to Mom yelling WE WON!  WE WON THE TRIP!!!

People ask me all the time “what is my favorite part of my job?”  Honestly, it’s having the privilege to be part of special moments like this.  The Small family won a 5 day vacation!  This doesn’t happen every day.  Even though Addison is very young, I don’t think she will ever forget that moment … when she picked the winning key for her dad!  A lifetime of memories was made in that one instance.  It was an awesome night, and I was thrilled to be there to witness it.

All of us at SRG would like to thank our partners at Marigolds of Sheldon for sponsoring the “Keys to Key West” promotion.  They are the ones that helped make this possible.  It is because of great partnerships and relationships with our great clients, that we are able to produce incredible promotions that will in return generate awesome memories for people.  Just like the Small family.

Kevin Tlam
SRG Operations Manager